EPIC DELIGHT - The Vision (EP promo trailer)

"The Vision" is EPIC DELIGHT'S 5th public EP release which features a cornucopia of deeply emotional and symphonic Epic Delight orchestral tracks.
Journey into a miraculous world where faires and dreams are alive and explore your very own adventures by listening to this inspired music.
…Expect The Un-expected !

EPIC DELIGHT - Rise Above Fear (Single promo clip)

"Rise Above Fear" is EPIC DELIGHT'S Special Single release which was realized during the global "Covid-19" Scenario.
Enjoy an emotional orchestral track for all people who are looking for reduction of anxiety, stress relief and inner peace.

EPIC DELIGHT - Heaven Within (EP promo Trailer)

 "Heaven Within", the 4th public EP of EPIC DELIGHT, Showcases the emotional and softer side of EPIC DELIGHT's orchestral music.
Dive into a world of intese and colorful emotions
… Expect The UN-expected

EPIC DELIGHT - Whithe Thunder (EP promo Trailer)

EPIC DELIGHT presents the official promo Trailer of our third public 8-track EP „"White Thunder", which was released on January 22, 2020, full of thunderous bliss, painting a scenery of raging blizzards  and thunder in a non-violent yet powerful way.

Lightning fast string runs string, emotional violin- and celli-soli, harps, celestial choirs - sometimes surrounded by delicate sopranos- take the listeners directly within the eye of the storm, where peace and stillness prevail!

Dive into a world of intense EmOceans… Expect the UN-Expected!


EPIC DELIGHT - Rising Star (EP Version)

EPIC DELIGHT presents the video clip „RISING STAR“ from our second public 7-track EP „EPIC DELIGHT - Legions Of Light“, which was released on March 12, 2019.  Powerful string explosions, colorful orchestration and emotional surprises… finally the Rising Star appears and transcends all earthly limitations and takes you on a journey through time and space... to a world of peace, bliss and deep inner harmony!

EPIC DELIGHT - Legions Of Light (EP Version)

LEGIONS OF LIGHT paints a glorious scenery where the heavens are sending out Legions of Light to protect and free mankind. There may be duality, or in other words, the antagonism of light and shadow, but when these heavenly forces get into the game, events take an unexpected turn...

Dive into a world of powerful orchestral music... Expect the Unexpected!

EPIC DELIGHT - No More Delay (EP Version)

NO MORE DELAY is a clarion call to focuse on your true inner goals and to archieve them as soon as possible. Delicate female vocals, powerful moods and string arrangements, flying as swiftly as an arrow, color your mind and soul with optimism and confidence. This track can be found on our second public 7-track-EP "Legions Of Light", which was released on March 12, 2019.

EPIC DELIGHT - Awaken Thou (EP Version)

This powerful and dramatic orchestral track is the magic recipe to wake the Sleeping Beauty! 
AWAKEN THOU opens the promo campaign of our second public EP "Legions Of Light", which has been released on March 12, 2019


EPIC DELIGHT - Sea Of Light  (EP version)

SEA OF LIGHT, the title track of our first public EP (release date: 24.12.2018 - available at major online stores) paints a sonic universe of inner worlds, dreams and powerful aspirations! Dive into a cosmic world of colour, sound, lightrays... and Divine Love! 

EPIC DELIGHT - The Trinity  (EP Version)

THE TRINITY is the 4th track of our first public EP (release date: 24.12.2018 - available at major online stores). Angelic sopranos, dramatic choirs and powerful string arrays are painting a musical landscape of the Cosmic Trinity. Deeply emotional, and highly inspiring from spherical grace to majestic power!

EPIC DELIGHT - Cosmic Rabbit  (EP Version)

Have you ever seen the COSMIC RABBIT? He's a wondrous being with a special sense of humor and can change the past, present and future! He comes from far away…very far away and is a messenger of the Stars. 

(release date: 24.12.2018 - available at major online stores)

...Expect the Un-Expected

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