EPIC DELIGHT present "Phonk Heroes", a media-ready album of tracks honoring one of the latest trends in contemporary mainstream music: "PHONK".

This unique genre - emerged from within the US region of Memphis, Tennessee with a heritage of raw Southern Hip Hop, Trap and experimental hybrid EDM - got very successful among young generations during the early 2020s. 

We went one step further and realized media ready tracks in order to provide something fresh and futuristic within the context of fictional cyber Action-, Adventure and Super-Heroes (of the Marvel and DC movies). 

The focus with this album lies not predominantly in the sometimes dark and nihilistic attitude of the Phonk music culture but features the strongest vibes of this genre in an entertaining, motivational and powerful way to supercharge filmic material, promos, trailers, commercials and sync projects. 

We invite you to listen to these colorful hybrid tracks thoroughly in order to find your perfect matches and hope that you will enjoy it

... Expect the UN-expected !